Course details

[With 2H all-you-can-drink] Court course 8500 yen 12 items

8500 yen

(Tax included) Course dishes can also be used for 6500 yen.

  • 18items
  • 2persons-

This is a special course that includes yukke. A single course dish is also available for 6500 yen.

Course menu

Chinese cabbage kimchi

Namul prime

Special salad

Assorted seasonal grilled vegetables

Korea paste

Yamagata Beef Yukke

※ When out of stock, it becomes a rare part of yakiniku

Upper tongue

Salmon pickled ribs

4 specially selected parts


Bird Thigh / Pig Toro

Rice and soup

(You can replace rice and soup)


☆ All you can drink for 2 hours LO 30 minutes ago ☆

[A course 2000 yen] beer, highball, sour, plum wine, shochu, soft drink

[B course 2500 yen] Above + Makgeolli, wine, sake

[C course 2900 yen] Above + sparkling wine

2019/09/30 update